India Travel Guide

India's first civilization was Indus Valley civilization. Aryans invaded to India around 1500 BC, collapsing Indus Valley civilization. They came in from the North and spread through other parts of India spreading their culture and religious beliefs.

In 567 B.C. Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhist religion was born. The Jain religion was also founded by Mahavira, this time. Indian subcontinent is famous for caves and monuments based on Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religion. The 4th century B.C. king Emperor Ashoka, is to take over almost all of what is now modern India. By the same period Christianity entered India from Europe. St. Thomas, the Apostle arrived in India in 52 A.D, even before Jewish religion.

Mohammed of Ghori, from Afghanistan, came into India In 1192 and captured several places in the North India including Delhi. The religion Islam was introduced into a major part of Northern India. Even before to that traders from Arab introduced Islam in Western Cost of Southern part of India. In the early 1600s, the Portuguese, French, Dutch, Danish and British - started arriving. Though all of them tried to control India, but it was the British who eventually controlled most of India. India became independent from British in 1947 by various movements led by Mahatma Gandhi.

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